Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What Would You Like to Know

If you could get both of Honolulu's mayoral candidates to tell you anything you wanted to know about them or their plans, what would it be? Here's my version. Add your own.

M Hanneman, fess up the absolute truth about why the city has delayed showing us
  • what it will really cost to run all of those trains, you know, not your low ball 2006 guess to sell the idea, but the truth?
  • what it will actually look like with rail lines 30 feet to 70 feet above streets, stations 60 to 110 feet high and 90 yards long? Come one, show us. Don't hide the drawings. We paid for 'em.
  • where you'll be hiding when the rail bankrupts Honolulu ?
Ms Kobayashi, can you tell us the truth about
  • how fast you and Panos can get us HOT lanes, what they'll cost, and why they beat the rail?
  • what you're going to do with all of that trash without shipping it off island?

1 comment:

Todd said...

I would ask M Hannemann: How fast can we get the train built? Cuz we surely need it. Traffic is murder on this island and we need the economic boost from building rail.

For A Kobayashi: What's the deal with bending over backwards to pick up some anti-rail votes? Ever heard of credibility and standing by your convictions?